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The distributed edge: How MidoNet enables hyper-scale networks for cloud service providers

Before working at Midokura, the engineers and software architects who have designed and implemented our network virtualization overlay software have earned their stripes as system engineers building large-scale information systems like websites and the corresponding data backends handling millions of concurrent customers on a daily basis. To successfully operate such high-traffic systems you have to very much adopt the mindset of distributed systems to the very core of every function that your software provides. Read More …

MidoNet L4 Load Balancer

We see load balancers being used everywhere in modern, highly scalable IT systems today. But not only in on premise systems, Load Balancer (LB) is one of the key features that users expect in a public IaaS cloud service because it works very well with Virtual Machines (VM).

In IaaS cloud services, you can launch as many VMs as you like, on demand. This model helps users to build and deploy elastic IT systems in a matter of minutes and has widespread need in fast moving industries and early startup companies. LB is actually a key component that can leverage these dynamically created VMs to serve bursty requests coming over the Internet. Users can launch VMs and hook them up with LB on the fly to handle more traffic and detach VMs and shut them down when the traffic gets smaller.
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