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Alon is a Principal Architect At Midokura who leads the integration between Midonet overlay network and the underlay fabric. Before Midokura, Alon has worked in several architecture positions in Marvell, Voltaire and Mellanox in the area of Ethernet switching technologies. Going back in time, Alon was developing software for embedded systems in the communication industry.

MEM Fabric (Part 2) – The challenge of debugging application performance in the cloud


Troubleshooting an SDN-based cloud environment is challenging. The network operator interacts with the logical overlay, but lacks direct visibility into the physical underlay where many problems occur. A tenant may complain about poor application performance. But the traditional tools for debugging networking and performance problems, widely documented online, are ill-suited for debugging performance on software running Read More …

MEM Fabric – Preface (Part 1)

“Why does my application yield such bad performance?” What if you are a cloud operator and this is coming from one of your customers? Private or  public cloud, it does not really matter, the only difference is whether the complaint comes from an internal or external customer. Nonetheless, you, as an operator responsible for the Read More …