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Systems Engineer - Midokura
Alexander Gabert spent the last 6 years doing systems engineering and system operations projects in large companies throughout germany, working for inovex in Karlsruhe. During that time he was responsible for running clusters of databases, big data applications (Hadoop) and high-volume web servers with Varnish caches and CDN infrastructure in front of them.

Coming from this background as an infrastructure engineer he looks at our solution from the view point of our customers.

After having worked together with several networking departments in big companies as someone responsible for applications and (virtual) servers he knows from first-hand practical experience what the actual benefits will be when we introduce network virtualization to face todays data center networking challenges.

The distributed edge: How MidoNet enables hyper-scale networks for cloud service providers

Before working at Midokura, the engineers and software architects who have designed and implemented our network virtualization overlay software have earned their stripes as system engineers building large-scale information systems like websites and the corresponding data backends handling millions of concurrent customers on a daily basis. To successfully operate such high-traffic systems you have to very much adopt the mindset of distributed systems to the very core of every function that your software provides. Read More …