Midokura Enterprise MidoNet release 5.4

Introducing the latest release of Midokura Enterprise MidoNet, the leader in Cloud Networking for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has been defined as the digitalization of the industrial manufacturing sector. More than just the latest trend or buzzword, organizations that undertaken IOT technologies in their products/solutions are expected to be 10% more profitable according to Forbes.

As business to business IOT connections grow, there’s more and more value creation in the connected economy. The industrial internet alone is expected to touch 43% of the global economy, equivalent to $11.1 trillion by 2025.

The network powers IOT and Industrial IOT, connecting, securing and monitoring distributed devices, machines, and systems throughout the enterprise and extending to the supply chain. The Midokura Cloud Network can integrate and analyze data from information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) providing end to end visibility across all layers of the business.

What’s in the latest release?

Midokura Enterprise MidoNet 5.4 provides a unified management and in-depth analysis for all network-related information, mapping links and allowing for traffic between IPv4 and IPv6 networks, NATed networks and more.

Enterprise MidoNet adds the Rate Limiting feature to the existing QOS capability, setting limits on how much data VMs can send. Pre-defined bandwidth rules help operators maintain a centralized QOS policy much easier.

Enterprise MidoNet improves upon the on-board L4 load balancer, allowing association of multiple ports/protocols to a single virtual IP.  Now both HTTP and HTTPS traffic can be load balanced, not just one protocol or another. Supports L7 content switching with 3rd party application delivery controllers (ADCs).

—Supports the latest OpenStack Newton and Mitaka release

“We are pleased that Midokura Enterprise MidoNet is Ready Certified for SUSE OpenStack Cloud” said Naji Almahmoud, vice president of cloud and software alliances for SUSE. “Midokura’s cloud networking solutions provide a secure, scalable and dynamic network virtualization solution for SUSE OpenStack Cloud, and SUSE Ready certification assures our joint customers that they’re getting a fully tested and supported solution.”


About Midokura

Midokura is the leader in Cloud Networking solutions for Industry 4.0 applications. Drawing on our pioneering expertise in open source network virtualization, Midokura has developed the industry’s first cloud network built from the ground up to meet the needs of industrial enterprises that are investing in Industry 4.0 automation as a competitive advantage.

Using Midokura’s Cloud Networking solutions, these organizations can now easily connect and secure distributed devices, systems and processes throughout their entire business, and rapidly deploy and scale network resources as physical infrastructure and business needs change.

From the factory floor to the warehouse to the enterprise data center, Midokura’s Cloud Networking solutions offer full-stack visibility and actionable insights that reduce costs, increase productivity, and drive intelligent decision making at every layer of your business.



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Susan Wu

About Susan Wu

Susan is the Director of Technical Marketing at Midokura. Susan previously led product positions for Oracle/Sun, Citrix, AMD and Docker. She is a frequent speaker for industry conferences like OSCON, OpenStack Summit, Container World, Interop ITX, All Things Open, Linuxcon/CloudOpen/Containercon, Interzone, Data360/Cloudcon and Data Storage Innovation. Honored by the Cloud Network of Women (CloudNOW) organization as one of the Top Women in Cloud for 2013, Susan is passionate about advancing womens' contribution to the cloud industry and serves on the Board of Directors for CloudNOW. Follow Susan on Twitter @susanwu88

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