Project Solum Introduction

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Give developers some building blocks and space to create, and they will build amazing things. Solum provides just that and more!

The goal behind OpenStack Project Solum is to create a cloud application development platform that makes IaaS cloud services easier to consume. Think of Solum like a modern Heroku-like platform-as-a-service but all based on building blocks from OpenStack projects, including Heat, Keystone, Nova, Trove and more.

Even Solum “languagepacks” seems oddly familiar with Heroku-buildpacks. Languagepacks are composed of a Docker image that contains libraries, compilers, runtimes and tools designed for a particular programming language. Languagepacks makes it possible for the application to run on the cloud and easily transportable from one OpenStack cloud provider to another.

Project Solum maintains a collection of “languagepacks” with language runtime support for Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, AngularJS. Developers can create their own custom-defined languagepacks or use the ones already created by the Solum project.

Solum enables developer productivity by supporting application-specific continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and integrates nicely with Github so that application’s test/build/deploy lifecycle stages can be triggered via code push to Github. Applications that depend on services such as databases are also supported by Solum via application parameters.

Rearchitecting applications can be costly and many organization prefer the lift-and-shift approach, which allows enterprises to take an in-house app and replicate it in the cloud without modifying its design. One of the primary goals behind Solum is to achieve application portability across cloud providers.

Listen to Devdatta Kulkarni, Senior Software Developer at Rackspace and PTL for Project Solum as he discusses how Solum provides a rich platform experience for application developers to help them manage their applications’ life-cycle from source code to deployment.

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