Polls are open – OpenStack Summit 2016, Austin

“Keep Austin Weird” evolved from a kicky slogan into a mainstream cultural movement,  giving the city a sense of individuality. Austin will be playing host to the next OpenStack Summit in April 2016.

Meanwhile, Midokura has blossomed into a global innovator in software network virtualization since open sourcing. It’s time to support our mission to take Austin by storm.

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Vote for our sessions below:


Panel: Building a business with Open Source

Presenters: Adam Johnson (Midokura), Panel (Redhat, SwiftStack, Akanda)

Building OpenStack on a Budget

Presenter: Adam Johnson (Midokura)

FWaaS Interactions with NAT, LBaaS and VPNaaS

Presenters: Alon Harel (Midokura), Fujitsu

Playing with Virtual and Real Networks

Presenters: Antonio Ojea (Midokura), Lucas Eznarriaga (Midokura)

Panel: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me: customer experiences with OpenStack, and how to make it better

Presenters: Ashish Mukharji (Midokura), Frank Rego (SUSE), Mark Williams (Redapt), Jeff Cathey (Fujitsu), Rob Esker (Netapp)

Three’s Company: Are you Jack, Janet, or Chrissy? How partners can work together to create better solutions

Presenters: Cynthia Thomas (Midokura), Randy Perryman (Dell) & Mike Orazi (Red Hat)

NFV for Enterprise – are we doing enough?

Presenters: Dan Dumitriu (Midokura), Scott Sneddon (Juniper), Eric Hanselman (451 Research), Jerrod Gerth (Nuage)

NVOs at Scale

Presenter: Duarte Nunes (Midokura)

Turn your overlay network insight out!

Presenters: Ernest Artiga (Midokura), Jan Hilberath (Midokura)

Spanning your overlay network across clouds

Presenters: Alon Harel (Midokura) , Irena Berezovsky (Midokura), Ofer Ben-Yacov (Huawei)

Putting together a Cross-Cloud heterogenous Network using Standard APIs

Presenters: Alon Harel (Midokura), Irena Berezovsky (Midokura), Ofer Ben-Yacov (Huawei)

Women in OpenStack world

Presenters: Irena Berezovsky (Midokura), Livnat Peer (Red Hat)

Journey to the containers

Presenter: Jean Francois Joly (Midokura)

How To $ell OpenStack.. To YOUR MOM

Presenter: Joe Drumtra (Midokura)

MidoNet Scalability Testing with Neutron and Open Source Tools

Presenters: Lucas Eznarriaga (MIdokura) Antonio Ojea (Midokura)

End-to-end Functional Testing in Neutron using Zephyr

Presenters: Mike Micucci (Midokura), Ryu Ishimoto (Midokura)

What’s to come in MidoNet

Presenter: Pino de Candia (Midokura)

Cerner’s Journey towards a Secure Software Defined Data Center

Presenters: Pino de Candia (Midokura),  Joe Quint (Cerner)

Managing Security in a Hybrid Cloud

Presenters: Pino de Candia (Midokura), Ayal Baron (Huawei)

Discussing Cloud Security at the network level

Presenter: Richard Wong (Midokura)

Test Takers’ Guide to OpenStack Certified Administrator Exam

Presenters: Susan Wu (Midokura), Ron Terry (SUSE), Jeff Olsen (EMC), Seth Fox (Solinea)

Containers as First Class Citizens in Networking moderated by Cliff Grossner

Presenters: Pino de Candia (Midokura), Cliff Grossner (IHS), Chris Liljenstolpe (Project Calico/Metaswitch), Mike Goelzer (Docker Swarm), Tobi Knaup (Mesosphere), Tim Hockin (Google Kubernetes)

Tap-as-a-Service: What you need to know now

Presenters: Takashi Yamamoto (Midokura), Fawad Khaliq (Plumgrid), Reedip Banerjee (NEC), Anil Rao (Gigamon), Vinay Yadhav (Ericsson)

Kubernetes networking with Neutron

Presenter: Taku Fukushima (Midokura)

Project Kuryr – Docker Delivered, Kubernetes Next

Presenter: Gal Sagie (Huawei), Antoni Segura Puimedon (Midokura), Mohammad Banikazemi (IBM)

Networking for Nested Containers: Magnum, Kuryr, Neutron Integration

Presenter: – Fawad Khaliq (Plumgrid), Antoni Segura Puimedon (Midokura)

Highly Available VPNaaS

Presenter: Xavi Leon (Midokura), Alex Bikfalvi (Midokura)

Containerizing Network Services

Presenter: Xavi Leon (Midokura), Alex Bikfalvi (Midokura)

Ancestry.com’s OpenStack Journey continues

 Presenter: Jordan Nielsen (Ancestry.com)

OpenStack helps devastated region rebuilds for cloud self-sufficiency

Presenters: Takaaki Suzuki (Midokura), Kohei Sudo, CEO of S2, Ryo Murakawa, SUSE Japan

Susan Wu

About Susan Wu

Susan is the Director of Technical Marketing at Midokura. Susan previously led product positions for Oracle/Sun, Citrix, AMD and Docker. She is a frequent speaker for industry conferences like OSCON, OpenStack Summit, Container World, Interop ITX, All Things Open, Linuxcon/CloudOpen/Containercon, Interzone, Data360/Cloudcon and Data Storage Innovation. Honored by the Cloud Network of Women (CloudNOW) organization as one of the Top Women in Cloud for 2013, Susan is passionate about advancing womens' contribution to the cloud industry and serves on the Board of Directors for CloudNOW. Follow Susan on Twitter @susanwu88

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