Executive Viewpoint 2014 Prediction: Midokura

People will Start to Pay Attention to “Other” Vendors

Whenever you see server market share rankings, you see prominent server makers brand populate the top-tier year after year. Recently, you may have noticed that the catch-all category of “other” have started to creep up in market share (if not in revenue). These makers are also called Original Design Manufacturers (ODM). I predict that in 2014, people will start to pay serious attention to them as they firmly get a seat in the top 5. This of course, has occurred as a virtualization layers has become the substrate of computing that separates the operating system from the hardware, and also due to new scale-out applications that enables better elasticity of the server infrastructure, which makes it easier to mix and match vendors. However, many enterprises will, for business reasons such as support and the increasing popularity of converged infrastructure will still favor brand names, so a shift to ODM will still not be universal or extremely rapid. ODM vendors will also start to make inroads into the network devices. These makers of bare metal switches benefit from the adoption of independent software packages (a network OS) that enables the separation of the network software from the network hardware. In large-scale cloud operators, white box servers have made a firm foothold and may trickle down to other market segments, and the same type of change may happen with network gear.  But this is not a panacea for everyone, so one must be careful of one’s IT needs. This is not a revolution, as much as an evolution.

Networking Edge becomes Important

In the world of networking, the core was where the interesting action and the most interesting gear was. But people will start paying serious attention to the edge. Changes such as pushing Layer-3 right to the server, pushing complexity and intelligence to the edge, due to the use pure software based overlay network virtualization, and making the hypervisor the end point the network will gain traction. There are many reasons for doing this. Some are purely from an infrastructure standpoint to gain flexibility at the lower level of the network. But let’s not forget the importance of applications. This trend towards the edge is consistent with initiatives to enforce more policy in networking and to become more application centric. Examples of this includes Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, or what I can call policy controlled networking. The closer you get to the application, the operating system and the hypervisor, the more you know about the workload needs and how to manage the policy, and that’s close to where the networking edge is. I would watch this space.

— As published in Virtual Strategy Magazine on January 7th 2014
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